Filipino people love to eat fried chicken. In every Filipinos birthday parties, there is a fried chicken. In every dining table, there is a fried chicken. In streets, there is fried chicken. You can see fried chickens everywhere.

     In fact, there are so many fast food chains in Philippines who are offering different kinds and taste of fried chickens. The most common fast food restaurants who offer fried chickens are Jollibee, McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken or often called as (KFC).

     Jollibee maybe is the most popular fast food chain who is offering fried chicken in the Philippines. Every province has Jollibee. Their fried chicken is called “CHICKENJOY“.  The Filipino flavor, crispiness and the juiciness of their chicken makes the customer comes back to them. It is often called, the Filipino pride in the world when it comes to fried chickens. You can buy 1 meal of Chickenjoy for only 69 pesos with rice and regular soft drinks.

     In McDonalds, their fried chicken is often called as “CHICKENMCDO”. You can hear the crunch when you bite the chickemcdo. The flavors of it are a little bit salty and spicy. You can buy 1 meal of it for 77 pesos with rice and regular drinks.

     For KFC, their fried chicken is very unique. While Chickenjoy and Chickenmcdo are crispy outside, KFC has no crispiness. The flavor of it is very tasty! They said that their chicken has 7 aroma flavors. Also, their tagline is very catchy, “Finger lickin’ good”. The best part of eating KFC chicken is their unlimited gravy which Filipinos love! Haha! You can buy 1 meal with drinks for 75 pesos.

     For me, those three chickens are good and delicious. They represent different cultures and taste on their product. As for the price of each chicken, Jollibee is cheaper that KFC and McDonalds. That is why chickenjoy is much popular to the Filipino. 


Okay, my imaginative mind was on tonight and I would like to set my own format on how will the NBA ALL STAR game will be played. Shooting Stars, Dunk Contest, BBVA Rising stars, Three pint shoot out and skills challenge.

I personally don’t like the format this year. That’s why I want to write this. Maybe NBA will read this.

So let’s start and roll the dice. 

In BBVA Rising Star Challenge:


The current setting of this event is, two members of TNT crew who will be the General Managers will pick players. They will alternately pick players according to their preference. Team Hill and Team Webber is the name of their respective teams.

Now, I will input my on format for BBVA Rising star challenge. I will bring back some of the old format. And this is a team event. And I am making it EAST vs. WEST! This will be awesome. As the main event of all star, they pit the players from east and west, why not do it in BBVA Rising star challenge? The team will be composed of best rookies and sophomores of both squads. They will still have 20 minute in each half of the game. Do you like it? I like this concept! This will add the spice between the rivalry of EAST vs WEST.

In SEARS Shooting Star Challenge:


The current format is 3 players with 3 spots and another one is shooting from the half court. And they made it as a team event. The players consist of one legendary NBA player, one current NBA Player and one WNBA player. The best time in each conference will compete in the final round, so it means even if two in the east gets the fastest time, they will need to get one from them because it is a team event. The winner in the final round will be determined by who will finish first.

In my own format, I will disable the team event so every team has an equal chance. I will not deprive those who finish fast regardless whether they are in EAST or WEST. And I will add another spot to make it for before the half court shot. And I will ask a FAN to join each team. Yes. This event will make it for fans. They will have the chance to join. The team with the fastest time will win. There is no time limit here.

In TACOBELL Skills Challenge:


The current format is they make it also a team event, East vs. West. They make it 2 players. For example,             Trey Burke and Victor Oladipo team up. The fastest time on East and West will compete in the Finals of the challenge.

In my own format, I will bring back some of old format. This is a skills challenge. Every player is showing their skills here. Making it a team event is ruining the essence of the challenge. So, I will disable the two player tandem. I will also disable the team rules. Every player will compete against each other. No East vs. West here. The fastest time wins!


In FOOTLOCKER 3 points shootout:


The current format is they make this again a team event. The best from the East and the best from the West will compete after the elimination round. And one rack is composed of 5 money balls. The most point will win.

In my own format, I will disable again the team format! Every player will compete with one another. I will also eliminate all the money balls. Every ball is equivalent to just one point. This makes sense because you are just shooting one ball and they are scoring it for 2 points? I disagree with it, so I will make it that way, one point per ball, no money balls. Most points will win.

In SPRITE Slam Dunk Contest:


The current format consist of two stages: One is the team event, 3 players from the east and west will have a freestyle dunk contest. Judges will score who will win to determine which team will dunk first on the second stage. The second stage is a team event also, 3 players each conference. This will make it East vs. west again, one on one. Judges will pick who will win. The conference who got the most win will win the dunk contest. But the dunker of the night will be determined by the fans after the second stage.

In my own format, I will erase the entire team event. Install again some old format which they will compete in each other regardless of what conference they are. Scoring is 5-10, 10 is the highest. The stages of the event will be 2 rounds for elimination round and 1 round for final round. Fans will determine who will win the dunk contest.





Article by: Reneil Yatco

New GlobalPort Batang Pier coach Pido Jarencio. Is he the last piece of the championship puzzle?

Pido Jarencio certainly had fun during his UST tenure.

(George Calvelo/NPPA Images)

Few weeks ago, GlobalPort Batang Pier announced that they already replaced interim coach Richie Ticzon, as they hired the services of fiery and animated mentor of UST Growling Tigers Pido Jarencio for two years.

After 8 colorful and emotional seasons with the Growling Tigers, he finally lives his dream as he sets to coach in a professional rank for the first time. There was a rumor circulating last year that Pido will coach Barako Bull Energy Cola but with unknown reasons, the negotiations fell through. But now, he has the chance to prove himself.

Alfredo Jarencio, his full name, is a former professional basketball player in PBA. The teams he played for is San Miguel, Presto, Purefoods, Gordon’s Gin/GInebra. He is a champion player when Gordon’s Gin won the title in 1997. He is known to be a good three point shooter and a pesky defender.

His first duty as a head coach was in UST. He served the school for about 8 years (2006-2014). It was a memorable first season for Pido and the Growling Tigers. Everyone thought including himself that they will not be able to go to final four after a 3-6 standing. But to the surprise of everybody, they managed to sneak in to the final four and placed third. They have twice to beat disadvantage but they overcome it and defeat UE Red Warriors en route to Finals to face Ateneo Blue Eagles. On that final series, a Cinderella story was made as they came from bottom cellar of the standing to eventual champion as they defeat Ateneo 2-1. On that same season, Coach Jarencio bags the prestigious coach of the year award.

On that season also, it shows the character, genius, knowledge and passion of Pido for basketball. He was the most loved coach in the UAAP during his stint in the league. On his 8 season, he just missed one final 4 appearance and goes to the finals 3 times, (2006, 2012, 2013) with a record of 56-54 Win-Loss.

Right now, he was tasked to build a championship team for GlobalPort. He will have the palyers like Terrence Romeo, newly acquired Alex Cabagnot, RR Garcia, and Jay Washington et al.

The questions now, can he deliver in professional ranks as a coach? Can he install discipline to his players like what he has done in UST? Can he write his another Cinderella story in PBA? Is he the missing piece to the puzzle of GlobalPort?  We will see that as the Commissioners Cup will start on March 5, 2014.

We are wishing all the best to Pido Jarencio and in another tour of duty as a coach and as a person. You did reach your dream now. Cherish and enjoy it and I’m sure you’ll be successful.

Article by Reneil Yatco

GAME 7!!!

EXTEND! Another epic Manila Clasico showdown we have witnessed as Brgy. Ginebra San Miguel once again put the never say die attitude and came back from a 13 point deficit to outduel San Mig Coffee Mixers 94-91 to take Game 6 and force a sudden death game 7 on Wednesday.

Mark Caguioa led all scorers as he tallied 21 points alongside Greg Slaughter with 20 point, 11 rebounds and 2 crucial plays down the stretch. LA Tenorio bounced back after a horrible game 5 with 16 and Japeth Aguilar finally break the barrier two-digit scoring output as he tallied 13 points.

Marc Pingris led San Mig Coffee Mixers with his conference-high 20 points followed by PJ Simon with 17 and Marc Barroca with 14 points.

 During the first quarter of the game, JR Reyes starts again for Ginebra and also Chris Ellis. Ginebra got the first possession.  Greg scores at 10:50 mark for the first point of the game. Ginebra and San Mig just exchanging baskets as Ginebra were over the limit at 6:07 in the quarter. Devance sank a 3pointer to put San Mig up 19-15 but Japeth answers back with a back to back basket in the perimeter as they close the gap to just to 24-22 in favor of San Mig.

In the 2nd quarter, Marc Pingris starts the quarter with a floater at 11:40 mark. But Japeth making his defensive presence felt as he tallied 2 straight blocked shot. But it was Justin Melton who is making some impact as he unleashes a 3 at 5:59 mark to push the lead of his team to 12, 40-28. In this quarter, Ginebra showing lack of confidence and they are really struggling but Greg wakes them up at 2:43 mark of the quarter as he scores with a dunk and brings down the lead of Mixers to 12 again, 46-34. Tenorio hits a go ahead pull-up shot to bring down again to lead to 9,50-41 and bringing the momentum after first 2 quarters.

In the thirds quarter, Ginebra is a very different team after the living legend, Sonny Jaworski entered the locker room of the Ginebra and give some words of wisdom and encouragement. That proves to be effective as Baracael hits a 3 pointer to start the quarter. They are doing defensive pressure, playing with energy and with heart but SMCM just answering back with every mini-Ginebra run. LA scored 8 of his 16 points in the third and he hits the crucial three point shot at the buzzer to end the quarter with just a 1 point lead, 74-73 still in favor of the Mixers.

The 4th quarter of the game was just too exciting as Mark Caguioa opens the quarter with a jump shot to    take the lead for the first time in the game, 74-75.

But Pingris answers back with a shot at 9:46 on the paint to bring back the lead to San Mig Coffee Mixers. Marc Pingris is playing like a man possessed as no one can stop him during one stretch of the game.

But here comes the Ginebra as JayJay Helterbrand makes a crucial defensive stop with a steal on Pingris at 5:30 mark and JR Reyes makes a putback basket of a Chris Ellis miss, 84-83 San Mig still up by one.

Heltrebrand layup gives Brgy. Ginebra the lead once again after a defensive play, 86-87.

But PJ Simon answers with several plays. First, a layup plus a foul to put SMCM back 89-88 and a offensive rebound put back floater at 1:24 left to bring San Mig Coffee ahead 91-88.

Greg Slaughter makes the biggest play of his PBA career as he miraculously hits an awkward shot plus a foul over Reavis at 1:09 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Greg missed the free throw, 91-90 SMCM.

Crazy sequence as Caguioa missed a jump shot with 45 seconds left and Mark Barroca also missed a wide open 3 point shot at 16.2 seconds left. Caguioa grabs the rebound but before he made a timeout, James Yap committed a crucial reach-in foul that puts Caguioa at the line and he calmly hits 2crucial free throw to put them back at the lead, 91-92.

San Mig has a chance to grab the lead but PJ Simon floater shot missed as Helterbrand challenges that shot with 2 seconds left and Greg Slaughter grabs the rebound and fouled by Reavis. Slaughter makes both free throws to push the lead to 3, 91-94.

One last chance for San Mig Coffee Mixers to tie the game and force an overtime but James Yap missed a three point shot at the half court.

With a Ginebra win, they tied the series at 3-3 and forced a deciding Game 7 on Wednesday at Smart Araneta Coliseum.


Last January 11 2014 (Philippines Time), something cool happened. NBA marked again another first as the players of Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets wears their nicknames in their jersey instead of their surnames. Lebron James puts “King James” on the back while Paul Pierce puts “Truth”. Do you know who “Jesus Shuttleworth” is? It is no other than Ray Allen!

So I decided to write an article of top 5 favorite PBA players nickname of this season!


                                                                                                                  Sports analyst of the PBA gave the nickname “KRAKEN” to Junemar. I found it very funny and very comparative to him. Release the “Kraken” often called a monster is a mythical sea creature which is so huge. Some scientist believes kraken is a giant squid. Junemar Fajardo is quite mythical creature for a Filipino basketball player. Typical Filipino basketball player is only has a average height of 6’4. He is measured 6’11! With a huge body and ala monster basketball performance. This nickname is very suitable for him.

   2.Gregory “GREGZILLA” Slaugther 

Rookie Greg and Junemar is the new rivalry right now in the PBA. They called him “GREGZILLA” which is derived from another monster character/creature Godzilla.  Greg is also huge with his 7’0 height and a monster like game also. If the KRAKEN and GREGZILLA collides on the basketball court, you’re watching a battle of mythical creatures!

   3.Chris “AIR FORCE” Ellis


Another Ginebra player on my list. Chris is know during his amateur days for his dunking abilities and hang time moves just like the jets of air force  With his high leaping abilities and ferocious dunks in the air, he deserves the nickname! Watch the youtube video!

   4.Sol “SOL-TRAIN” Mercado

Sol knows for his ability to drive without fear. In fast break situations you can’t simply stop him just like a train. If you bump with him during fast breaks or driving to the hole, you will just simply throws up in the air like a thin can. So when you hear the sound “TOOT, TOOT! Here comes the SOL-TRAIN”.

 5. Beau “Extra Rice1” Belga and JR “Extra Rice2” Quinahan “EXTRA RICE INC.

For me, this is the wackiest and funniest nickname that’s why it is included in the list. Beau and JR are teammates in Rain or Shine Elasto Painters.  Just look at them both and you will see the evidence why the analyst gave them that nickname.

I have a suggestion to the PBA. They should adapt and mimic this gimmick of the NBA. Putting their nicknames on their jersey will bring fun and joy not just only for the fans but also to the players! And if they decided to sell those jerseys in the public, I will predict that it will be a blockbuster hit!

Article by: Reneil Yatco


San Mig Coffee Mixers stage a late rally in fourth quarter but not enough as Brgy. Ginebra San Miguel escapes with an 85-82 win and even the semi-final series at 2-2. Mac Baracael led BGSM with 20 points and 4/5 behind the three-point line followed by LA Tenorio with 16 markers.  

Ginebra starts the game with a surprise as they inserted JR Reyes in the starting lineup. Reyes, Slaughter and Aguliar form a triple tower to start the game. San Mig gets the first possession of the game.  In the 8 minute marked of the 1st quarter, Joe Devance scores a floater over a Ginebra player to up the lead of Super Coffee Mixers to 3, 7-4. And SMCM started a mini 9-2 run led by PJ Simon, James Yap and Devance to up the lead 15-6. Mac Baracael breaks the run of Mixers as he buried a 3point shot.

 A big blow for the Mixers as Marc Pingris gets his early 3rd personal foul in the 1st quarter of the game and has to be seated for the remainder of the half. A go ahead layup by Jay Jay Helterbrand before the end of the first quarter brings back the lead to Ginebra 21-20.

Rookie Justin Melton opens the 2nd quarter with a 3-pointer followed by 2 straight triple by Alex Mallari. And the only highlight of Japeth Aguilar came early in 2nd quarter as he dunked with attitude coming off the pass of Helterbrand. The quickness of SMCM was evident as Barroca and Melton combination was lethal in this quarter and pushes the lead of Mixers to 6, 34-28. Ginebra has their own 6-0 run with Chris Ellis drives and tie the game at 34-34. In 5:13 in the second quarter, Tenorio was fouled and one basket to regain the lead 37-34. Greg Slaughter made put-back layup with foul at 1:00 left in the 2nd quarter to push again the lead of Ginebra. Joe Devance closes the half with a buzzer beater to bring down the lead 46-43 in favor of Ginebra. Greg and Aguilar have 5 blocks combined during the first 2 quarters.

 3rd quarter all belong to Ginebra. A 11-1 run by Ginebra to start the 3rd quarter as Baracael starts the run and hit a corner three pointer to push the lead to 8, 51-43. Another highlight of the game as LA Tenorio made his signature acrobatic layup and a Baracael fastbreak layup to push the lead to 13, 57-44. Mac Baracael made 3 3-point shot in this quarter alone and scores 11 points. GInebra was up 70-56.

Before the quarter ends, Tim Cone was called for a technical foul because shouting in front of the referees. Coach Ato and Coach Tim exchange words.

After that incident, SMCM players were all fired up as they orchestrated a 19-2 run in the 4th quarter.

James Yap 3 consecutive jump shot to cut the lead of Ginebra to just 8, 62-70.  Ginebra committed 4 foulin less than 1:30 minutes and went scoreless for about 5 minutes. A Melton 3 brings back the lead to SMCM, 72-70 and he also blocks Caguioa shot at 8:13 of 4th quarter! Slaughter breaks the run and the scoring drought of Ginebra. Monfort was inserted in the game and provided some lift.

Barroca made a 3 point shot but Monfort quickly take that as he scored a game changer 3 point bank shot to bring down the lead to just 1, 76-75. Another made shot by Baracael with a foul brings back the lead to Ginebra, 76-78.

Carzy sequence of the game as they were tied at 78, Tenorio runner brings Ginebra up 78-80. James Yap just made 1 free-throw, 79-80 with 1:36 left in the final quarter. A put back shot by Japeth Aguilar and 3 free throws of Tenorio up the lead of Ginebra to 3, 79-83. Devance made a 3 point shot at the right wing with 20 seconds left to bring down the lead to just 1, 82-83. Mixers fouled Tenorio and he made both to push the lead into 3, 82-85.

With 5.4 seconds left in the game and it is just a one possession game, Mixers has a chance to tie the game. James Yap had a clean look in the 3point line but didn’t make the shot.

Ginebra won the game 82-85!

James Yap led Mixers with 20 markers followed by Devance with 13.

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You’ve heard the standard Japeth Aguilar criticism before, He is just an athletic player, overrated, needs to have a back to the basket moves, No outside shooting, Not an NBA player material and maybe not an PBA superstar material and a hard headed person but these things will just go down to history for us because right now, Japeth is proving to everybody that he can be the best player in the PBA.

He dreamed and tagged to be the first Filipino born and raised to play for NBA, Japeth Aguilar 6’10 started his career in Ateneo De Manila University Blue Eagles in college. In just 2 years playing for Blue Eagles, he goes to US and plays for the NCAA division 1 team Western Kentucky. In his stint on that team, he barely put up a decent number mainly because of injury.

 Then in 2009 he came back to Philippines and was recruited by Coach Yeng Guiao to play for the national team but he also didn’t perform well because of limited playing time. After that, Guiao drafted Aguilar as their first overall pick in 2010. But Aguilar speaks up and he demanded to be part again of the National Team. And this is where the roller coaster basketball ride of Japeth Aguilar started.

Just playing 1 game in his rookie year, he puts up 10points with 10 rebounds not bad for a rookie. Then he joins the 2 year program of Smart Gilas Pilipinas coached by Rajko Toroman. In his stint with this team, he was rarely used and just average 6 points per game in that 2 year stint. And then after the Gilas program, He played for Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters where he had some nice games for the team but spending most of his time of the bench and just average about 6 points per game in less than 15 minutes per game.

After his contract with the Tropang texters, he didn’t renew his contract instead he chased his dream and takes another shot in his quest to make it to the NBA. He did workouts for teams like San Antonio Spurs and was drafted by NBA D-League team Santa Cruz Warriors. He survived the first two cuts and eventually released by the team.

Then Chot Reyes called Japeth on twitter and asked to join again the National Team. He grabbed the offer. They trained abroad and play some tough teams. In the 27th FIBA ASIA CHAMPIONSHIP held in Manila. He was seldom used and a backup center for Douthit until when Marcus Douthit got injured, Japeth wows us with Dunks, jump shots and he is very different player at that time. That FIBA experience was a confidence builder and means a lot for him and his game.

After FIBA, Japeth played in GlobalPort Batang Pier where his minutes increased and his game number increased also with the average of 10 points per game. Then he later moved to Ginebra in a trade. He dreamed of playing for Ginebra. But in just two games as Ginebra, he sustained a knee injury that requires surgery. Another hurdle for him but as we all said there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Philippine Cup 2013/2014 season with GInebra. New start for Japeth Aguilar career. He unleashed the beast mode as he playing his best basketball right now. Averaging 20 points per game (4th leader) over 50% FG, 9 rebounds per game (7th), League leading in Blocks 4 a game,

 But what is amazing to him right now is he showing to us that he doesn’t need to be a back to the basket big man in order to shine and be great. He is blocking every shot, shooting from the perimeter, dunking in front of his defenders, intimidation. As Marc Pingris said in an interview, “Parang NBA Player. I also see the joy and confidence in him right now unlike in his previous years as a basketball player.

This evolution of Japeth Aguilar game is remarkably special with all those drama and criticism. He provides inspiration to us and he just proves those if we want to be great just do what you do best and be confidence with joy! Best of luck Japeth Aguilar!

Written By: Reneil Yatco

2nd Game winning three point shot by Japeth Aguilar against the Meralco Bolts. Notice the same spot where he hits the game winning 3 point shot. Buzzer beater. Semi same play when he also hit a game winning 3 point shot against TNT